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My life is worth a waffle maker… / Minu elu väärtus võrdub vahvlimasinaga…

“And in the morning I will make waffles!” I always remember this quote from “Shrek” when I make waffles. I make the old fashioned thin and crisp waffles. These are the best! I like to fill them with a mix of whipped cream and some homemade sour jam (gooseberry is the best!). The thing with waffles… Continue reading My life is worth a waffle maker… / Minu elu väärtus võrdub vahvlimasinaga…

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For saving a man from bad women. / Kas sina oled mõne mehe halbade naiste käest päästnud?

My friend told me that her co-worker had come to work one day wearing a badge of honour. When they had asked her what it was for she had answered that she had given it to herself for saving her husband from bad women. Well, if that isn’t worth a prize then what is? I think it’s… Continue reading For saving a man from bad women. / Kas sina oled mõne mehe halbade naiste käest päästnud?

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For whatever happens. / Igaks elujuhtumiks.

I have a total weakness for multi purpose balms. I even make my own balm using freshly picked marigolds. The greatest thing about these balms is the fact that you can use them for all kinds purposes and on almost every body part, I guess. I always carry one in my handbag. They’re especially handy when… Continue reading For whatever happens. / Igaks elujuhtumiks.


Jeremy Scott at New York Fashion Week.

It’s New York Fashion Week! And I couldn’t believe that one show that made my heart beat faster was Jeremy Scott‘s. I wanted those clothes right now! And, I mean…. that’s not even my style. At all! The only things designed by Jeremy Scott that I have are these shoes designed for Adidas (I know… Continue reading Jeremy Scott at New York Fashion Week.

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Grandma’s curtains. / Vanaema kardinad.

A true fashionista has her eyes opened all the time. Let’s say you are visiting your grandma and you see these lovely crocheted curtains that she has…. They would make a wonderful top for your personal Spring/Summer 2016 collection! Well, at least that’s what I did with the curtains – I reached for the scissors.… Continue reading Grandma’s curtains. / Vanaema kardinad.

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Nature’s way. / Looduse vägi.

Nature always gets its way. This picture is a perfect proof. We had a sack of potatoes (sack o’potatoes…? psycho potatoes…? Say it out loud… You get the joke, right?) that had been left in the cellar for too long. Spring came and then summer and the potatoes heard the nature’s call. In spite of being in… Continue reading Nature’s way. / Looduse vägi.

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Monday minute. / Esmaspäev.

Mondays are weird but beautiful. Like these flowers. Mondays are for new beginnings. Of course they have its thorns… Mondays should be green not blue. Right? ************************************ Esmaspäevad on veidrad, aga ilusad. Just nagu need lilled. Esmaspäevad on uuteks algusteks. Koos oma okastega… Esmaspäevad peaksid olema rohelised, mitte sinised. Kas pole nii?

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Cheap no chic? / Odav lõbu.

It’s said that stylish women never wear cheap jewellery. I do believe that. Then again: do stylish women ever have fun? Because it is fun to buy a piece that looks like a million dollars but doesn’t cost more than a few bucks. And, yes, yes – it IS possible. The only thing you have… Continue reading Cheap no chic? / Odav lõbu.