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Kultaturve Finland – fabric from peat moss / cotton grass.

When I saw this coat I knew it right away that it has to be something special. And voila!

It’s a coat by a Finnish brand Kultaturve.

Kultaturve made clothing from natural fabrics. One of the most special being peat moss fabric made of peat moss / cotton grass plant.

This is what I found on peat in textiles:

The peat fibres used for this are 5-20 cm long. These fibres are soft enough for use in textiles but must be combined with other fibres such as wool or linen to be spun. A blend of 60% peat and 40% wool is common. Peat textiles have many useful qualities. Clothing sewn from fabric made containing peat fibre or knit with peat yarn is twice as warm as similar clothing of sheep¹s wool. This is due to the peat fibre¹s tubular, porous structure. Peat clothing is especially suitable for children, the elderly and rheumatic patients, with respect to its heat-insulating nature. Peat textiles are also light and comfortable to wear. No chemical additives are used in processing peat into fabrics and yarns, making the textiles completely hypoallergenic. Peat is also a highly absorbent material, able to absorb air and water.


Also more about peat moss/cotton grass fabric:

More on Kultaturve company / brand:

This vintage Kultaturve coat (probably made of peat moss fibre and wool) available here:

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