Have you heard about the ice roads?/ Ja siis sadas lund…

It was only a while ago when I was missing the snow.

Well, now it has snowed and it’s still snowing.

It’s funny to think that snow is actually water in a different form. And if the water in the sea turns to ice (well, the surface turns to ice) you can actually drive a car on the sea!

You can read more about ice roads in Estonia here.

I haven’t been on the ice road myself yet, but I heard that the first one of this season is already open! I’m enjoying the snow in the city at the moment…

Snowy park.
Snowy park.
The snow.
The snow.


Mõelda vaid, et alles mõnda aega tagasi igatsesin ma lund.

Nüüd on lumi siin ja seda on palju! Nautige, kes suudab…


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