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Missing the snow. / Igatsedes lund.

Well, these photos have not been taken this year. We have no snow here in Estonia at the moment.

But I just officially decided that I do miss snow. So let’s enjoy it on the pictures that I have taken in previous winters.

Have a great weekend!

talv 2014 pirita

talv 2014 pirita tee
Tallinn, Estonia.
Snowy firs.
Winter sun.
Ice on the window.


Need fotod ei ole loomulikult sellel aastal tehtud.

Aga ma olen ametlikult otsustanud, et ma tunnen lumest puudust. Mis seal ikka – naudime siis praegu lund nendel fotodel, mis pärinevad möödunud talvedest.

Ilusat nädalavahetust kõigile!


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