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No fun in the sun? Part 2.

I have told my story of covering up from the sun and the reasons I have to do it (well, the reasons everyone should be doing it!) here:

No fun in the sun?

Time has passed and I have so many new tricks in my bag now! I can’t say that I have mastered the art of being in the sun while protecting myself from its bad sides. But I am forever on this road and learning something new all the time.

I love swimming and last summer was wonderful for it. The water in the lakes was soooo warm. You could stay in water forever! And it’s quite a rare thing in Estonia.

How do you protect yourself from the sun in water?

The UPF clothing.

Luckily I was already prepared. I had bought my first UPF50+ swimming shirt.

It’s actually meant for surfing and stuff, but of course it’s perfect for swimming, too.

Mine has a high neck and long sleeves. You can get them in different styles, but still I was amazed how hard UPF swimming shirts were to find on the internet. And even more so in the shops around town.

I definitely wanted to try one on to see that it’s actually comfortable.

Don’t get the cheapest one – the fabric may be very unpleasant to wear.

UPF clothes are actually genius. It’s like wearing clothes instead of sunscreen. It may surprise you that a regular t-shirt gives you very little protection from UVA and UVB rays. You won’t sunburn, but the stuff that’s bad for your skin does get through and you won’t even notice.

UPF clothes do protect you from the harmful rays. Plus it’s so much easier to pull on a UPF shirt than covering the skin with sunscreen cream. And you don’t have to worry about the sunscreen wearing off in the water.

I think it’s cheaper, too. Imagine the proper amount of sunscreen you’d have to use when you swim every day and maybe many times a day.

This year I’ve come a bit further – I got myself UPF50+ leggings, too. And I got a new UPF shirt with a hood!

Mine are by Dakine.

The reason I chose these is that these were one of the very few ones I could find in my hometown. And like I said I wanted to try them on. So if you’re in Tallinn, Estonia you should go to Surfhouse shop.

Cover your head?

I was looking for a normal grownup UPF hat or cap but it’s impossible to find! They are made for children and look …. childish.

There are wide brim hats, but you can’t swim with a hat like that. So a hooded UPF shirt is my best find so far.

I did by this football cap from Nike. It’s not UPF , bug I might try it out, though…

And it’s not a small worry. I mean – imagine being in the water your head uncovered. Your hair doesn’t protect the fine skin of the head (unless you have really thick hair maybe?) and it’s out of the water most of the time. The water around you reflects all the sunrays so you are exposed much more than on dry land.

I’m not kidding when I’m saying that a UPF burkini would be a perfect cover up for swimming.

So how do you look wearing clothes while swimming? I think it’s like every other piece of clothing. If you have a great body you’ll look great. Mine is not so great but I’m not ashamed. I’m over it.

Protecting my health, my life is so much more important than looking ridiculous on the beach!

For many UPF clothing should be a relief. I know that many people are too shy to take clothes off in the public so UPF swimming clothes give you full coverage.

And hey – the surfers wear these clothes! They are the ones these are made for. And nobody doubts that surfers are cool, right?

So do yourself a favor. Protect your health and make your life easy. Wear UPF clothing.

Sun protection and our knowledge of it is still to grow. Pretty soon more and more people will understand it and UPF clothing will be a regular thing on the beach. Be a pioneer and wear it first!

And if you have any good sun protection tricks – please let me know! What sunscreen do you use? Where do you get a great hat? What problems have you had with all this hassle? Any solutions?

NB! This article is in no way sponsored by any company. I have written it from my personal interest and knowledge.

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