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This used to be my cafe.

I first discovered this place almost 20 years ago.

I was walking in the Old Town of Tallinn and there it was. Off the main street, door open. It looked so hidden and intimate that I was afraid I was accidentally stepping into someone’s living room.

I fell in love with it instantly.

There wasn’t much cafe culture in Tallinn at that point yet so this place was really special.

They had espressos, cappuccinos and handmade chocolate truffles and international magazines… My dream come true!

I started going there very often. I had my favorite table where I would spend hours. Reading, dreaming, writing, people watching. Internet was not an option yet. Luckily.

Time passed, the cafe got very popular and was often full of people. I found some other cafes.

A while ago I came to my old cafe again. It’s actually amazing that it’s still open and pretty much the same.

Change seems to be the only keyword these days so you’re really lucky if you find something that hasn’t changed.

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