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Le Weekend. VOGUE.

The first time I ever saw and read a VOGUE magazine was in the U.S. in 1998.

I thought I knew English but the language in Vogue was so hard for me to understand. I realized that I was not so good at English at all.

I started buying Vogue and I read it. I didn’t care about fashion much back then. I read Vogue to learn the language. And then at some point I started to be interested in fashion.

I didn’t have the possibility to buy all those clothes I saw in Vogue. I didn’t have the money and they were not available in Estonia at that time anyway.

But something made me study those clothes in the photos. I mean I really studied. I remembered the lables, the materials… it was all so new to me! And I’m so glad that they include the material and price under the photos! I got to know what the valuable fabrics and labels were before I had ever seen or touched them.

Then vintage came along and the rest is history.

Years of reading Vogue suddenly made me a specialist in vintage clothing. I was able to go through piles of stuff knowing what I was looking for.

So all those piles of Vogue in my home have been an investment, not only fun. They have been my education.

I can’t keep them all, though.

This one is for sale in my etsy shop.

Vogue Italia. April 1998.

PS. I just realized it’s from the same year that I bought my first ever Vogue magazine! (This one I already bought used and much later.)

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