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Living in the past, present or future?

It sounds like a math test, right? Some say that you have to live in the present, others recommend to always think ahead.

You actually can’t live in the past unless you have mastered time travel. You can only actually be in the present which must be the right answer then.

But what about our mind? The mind wanders and if it keeps wandering to the past you’re practically living there. Which means you don’t have eyes for the present and you don’t even have time to dream about the future!

Hmmmm… quite a pickle we have here.

But the silver lining is – today of all days in the year it is appropriate to think about the past and dream about the future. Because tomorrow we will all get a new start and who doesn’t love those?

So I wish you a happy new year and if you want my advice… I don’t have any! 😄 But I am absolutely sure that you will figure it all out yourself! 😉


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