It’s a wrap! / Pakk või paber?

sofa under maple tree


I loves practical presents. It physically hurts me to even think that my present might stay somewhere unused.

If nothing else the present should be edible.

When it comes to the packaging, then…. is a brown paper bag a really bad idea? It’s what’s inside that matters, right?

I have found at least one way to wrap that’s both practical and beautiful. As the idea originates from an article in an old VOGUE magazine, I dare suggest it to you, too.

The idea is to use old magazines for wrapping. This is where the big glossy commercial pages come especially handy. The result is surprisingly pretty and every gift will look unique.

You might of course want to have a look at the page you are using for wrapping. Just to make sure that it is appropriate for the receiver of the gift.

For example if you give your girlfriend a…

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