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Le Weekend. Is the fall falling?

The fall. I never knew autumn was called that before I visited America in 1995.

Emotionally the fall is the falling time for me. Long dark nights, days without a ray of sunshine, cold, rainy, muddy, winter ahead…. Too much time indoors… I mean, it’s Estonia! Many people consider this country too cold to live in! We’re almost where the Santa lives!

On the other hand, when I picture a year in my head it looks like a circle, diagonally stretched out somewhere at June and January on both sides. The fall is going upwards (from left to right on the circle line). Winter is on top, spring comes slowly down again (from right to left), summer is in the bottom and the circle closes at fall again. Funny?

How do you picture a year in your head? I’ve heard that some people see it as a straight line, some see it as a calendar (various versions).

So, if the fall is actually going upwards in that picture in my head then maybe it’s not that bad after all?


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