Estonia · food · nature

August beauties.

I have more photos of vegetables than of people on my phone.

Just look at this beauty! In a cold Nordic country like Estonia the growing period is so short. It makes you appreciate even more all the homegrown food.

Can’t help but take the photos. 😄

What you can’t see in the photos is all the hard work put into it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Money wise it isn’t. 

Actually it isn’t even the right question: is it worth it? You can’t put it that way. 

For example the tomatoes: you can grow so many varieties and you really get them really fresh. At least in Estonia you will not find anything like this in the store or even at the market.

Of course we don’t use any artificial fertilizer at home. It’s as clean as can be.

And finally there’s the joy of doing something with your own hands and seeing the results. You sow all the little seeds and you get all these amazing vegetables and fruit! 

The chanterelles we don’t grow of course, these we just picked from the forest behind the barn. They grow themselves. And they are unbelievably delicious! 

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