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Sofaundermapletree – the vintage shop on! 

I am happy to say that some things in life just happen naturally.

My love for vintage clothes has gradually evolved into opening a shop on

I have shared items from my personal vintage collection here, on my blog. At one point I realized that I just cannot wear all these clothes myself – there’s too many already.

So even if it’s hard to part with some beautiful finds (I do tend to get attached to things…) it makes me glad to think that someone else will be wearing it.

It would make me sad to think that beautiful clothes are just hanging in the closet. Clothes are for wearing!

So check out my shop at and very soon some of these things could be yours!

I have only just begun and as I want to have a nice little shop I put time and effort in it. So I will gradually add items, there are lots of things going on sale!

I don’t have a certain style, I guess. There are just too many beautiful things out there!

I love the modern Scandinavian aesthetics but at the same time am drawn to vibrant colors and crazy prints. I am still trying out everything the fashion world has to offer! And what better way to do that than buying vintage?

There’s one thing in common with all the items – I have personally picked them because I liked them.


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