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My denim dream and Denim Dream Jeans.

If I had to choose just one piece of clothing it would definitely be jeans.

I love jeans and something tells me that there are millions of denim lovers in the world! 🙂

Growing up in the Soviet Union did make denim a dream. They were just not available but boy, did I dream about a decent (well, any) pair of jeans.

My first pair was an Estonian brand Sangar. I was about 17 when I got the first pair! The jeans were so tight that I couldn’t breathe but they made me look slim and tall. Dark classic denim – the kind that will always be fashionable.

Then came a few weird pairs of second hand jeans – outdated even for the Soviet girl!

I would have loved ripped denim but I was taught not to ruin my clothes so trashing my jeans was out of question. 😦

I got my first real and proper jeans for my 21nd birthday! They were Levi’s and they were black. I wore them every single day. I washed them by hand and let them dry overnight (I was in college and we didn’t have a washer or drier). I dried them on a radiator and my alarm was set in the middle of the night so I could turn them over. Of course they were not dry by the morning so I had to put them on half damp. Oh well!

I was true to Levi’s for years to come. I bought three pairs on my first trip to America!

I was thrilled when the stretch denim came out. If you don’t have a perfect boyish figure it can be a real pain to wear the plain denim. God bless lycra! I would give it a Nobel prize!

Now I have got about 20 pairs of jeans. Levi’s, J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein… mostly skinnies. But I also own a quirky pair of fun Baby Phat jeans.

No other piece of clothing can make you as happy as a perfect pair of jeans!

So I welcome the new Denim Dream Jeans brand! A local Estonian brand by the way!

My favorite is their flower print denim! Beautiful!

Check it out here:

Denim Dream.
Denim is a dream (come true)! 💕




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