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Le Weekend: A week without coffee :(.

No coffee. It sounds like a terrible, terrible thing.

I love coffee, I live for coffee. First thing in the morning, last thing at night (I truly did think a cup right before going to bed. Slept well.).

Why would a coffee lover give up drinking coffee? Because of health, I can’t even imagine other reasons.

I started to get really bad heartburn, even pain. Of course I did drank an awful amount of coffee (7-8 cups a day?) and often on empty stomach. Stupid, I know.

It got worse and I got scared. So I decided to quit cold turkey. Just like that.

Now it’s been a week without coffee. How do I feel?

I feel much better! I also adjusted my eating habits, but the great thing is that I don’t feel bad at all! I don’t feel sleepier or anything like that. I miss the habit of drinking coffee but otherwise it’s been unbelievably easy.

I do miss having a comfort drink. I tried tea, but…. it just doesn’t taste like anything I would enjoy! I don’t like juice or water or sweet drinks. I mean, water is a necessity, you just have to drink it. There’s no emotion in it. Coffee you don’t need and that’s why it’s a treat. And it tastes awesome!

I drink cocoa while I’m out in a cafe now  but the downside is the calories. I drank coffee without sugar so cocoa is very different for me. And too sweat anyway.

I can’t drink decaf coffee as it would give the heartburn anyway.

I need to drink something as I love sitting in a cafe!

The good news is that life without coffee is not so hard at all. I’m thinking about starting to drink one cup coffee a day. After breakfast. But not yet.

How about you? Do you love coffee? Have you ever given it up?


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