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Help needed! Japanese dress – do you know…?

I bought this amazing dress, made in Japan. Never had such a Japanese piece in my wardrobe before!

It has a label that even has an address and phone number, but I don’t know any Japanese and my search on the internet has left me without any information.

Available for sale here:

I assume it has been made by a less known designer.

Would anyone know anything about the dress, the designer or any other detail about its origin? I’d love to know its story. I assume its not mass production – could I be wrong? Help!


3 thoughts on “Help needed! Japanese dress – do you know…?

  1. I also searched on the internet, but no luck of finding that brand. I, then, noticed that the phone number was the old version. The phone numbers in Japan are generally 10 digits, but they certainly were 9digits until 1991. So I assume that the brand existed before then and the cloth is of over 26 years ago…. I believe the company doesn’t exist anymore….

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I will keep looking for more!
      So I guess we have placed the approximate time when it might have been made.
      It is in very good condition, I just had to redo some stiches. The fabric looks perfect, although it is polyester.
      Thank you so much! 😄

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