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My first cup.


Cappucino at Björn Espresso bar.



I don’t remember my first cup of coffee.

It must have been the grain coffee (coffee made of rye, barley and other grains). It was served to kids when grown-ups had the real coffee at birthday parties. As coffee was a luxury good in the Soviet times, the grown-ups had to drink the grain coffee pretty often, too.

Grain coffees are sold nowadays, too, but unfortunately they are not the same kind any more. My childhood grain coffee had to be boiled in a pot and it had a very specific taste and sweet smell! I actually loved it!

Sometimes we had half and half: real coffee mixed with grain coffee. We tried to make the real stuff last longer this way.

I guess my first cup of real coffee was at one of the big family birthday parties (there might be 30 people present in our three room apartment! And yes, living room was one of the three rooms.). At one point I guess I was considered big enough to have the real stuff. I might have been 15 years old.

I remember me and Mom having a cup of coffee in our small kitchen. We would just sit there and talk. God, how I miss that! And how much it hurts to know that my little sister never even got to those moments…

There were no cafes in my hometown. Can you imagine? It was just not a thing. Maybe because coffee was hard to get? But I knew that there were some cafes in Tallinn (Estonia’s capital), I read about it in a children’s book (“Une-Mati, Päris-Mati ja Tups”). I dreamed about going to a cafe!

And you know what, now I have lived in Tallinn for years and I do go to the cafes really often.

I remember my first cup of cappuccino. It was on the porch of a restaurant in the U.S., where my friend Angela worked. She served us huge cups of cappuccino and I thought: “Oh my god!” It was a beautiful sunny summer day.

There isn’t anything much better than a cup of hot coffee in a cold weather. I live in a cold Northern country and a cup of coffee in my hand helps a lot when I take one of my endless walks in the city.

I have a cup of coffee in my hand when I go to check on our vegetable garden in the country. Sometimes me and my sister take our coffees and just sit there, on the bench at the end of the vegetables patch, and admire the magic we have grown from tiny seeds. In colder weather we are wrapped in blankets and sometimes we sit there until it gets dark and really cold. “Like two retired women,” we make fun of ourselves. I do hope that we will still sit there once we are retired…

And what is coffee without cafes! Everywhere I go I look for a cafe first. I can sit in a cafe forever! Looking at people, sipping my coffee, reading a magazine, writing, dreaming… It’s like a way of life. My happy “me time”.

A cup of coffee is the first thing on my mind when I open my eyes in the morning. I can’t start my day in the office before I’ve had a cup of coffee.

I’m the one who would secretly hope to find a coffee machine even in the middle of the desert. You know, it could happen…

Coffee makes me happy. Coffee makes my world go round. Let’s have a cup right now!


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