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In the Estonian language…

The Estonian flags. / Eesti lipud.
I started my blog in two languages: my mother tongue Estonian (“eesti keel”) and English. I wanted to be local and I wanted to be international. I guess I wanted to have it all.

It was quite a challenge, I have to admit. You see, when I write I like to let my mind fly. I enjoy getting into the flow of writing. So I get in the mood and I write and then I have to translate it….

I actually tried not to translate but to get into the flow again in the other language. And it was not so much fun to write the same thoughts twice.

I realized that just thinking about having to write in two languages made me avoid writing at all. But I didn’t want that to happen! I didn’t want this to be one of those blogs that was started and then soon abandoned. I just couldn’t bear that thought.

I had to make a decision: I had to choose one language to write in. As you probably already noticed I picked English.

There are roughly one million people who speak Estonian. And most of Estonians know English anyway… Do they know it enough to be willing to read my blog in English? I have no idea.

I kind of feel like I have betrayed my own native tongue. Everyone wants to write in English nowadays. Everyone wants to conquer the world. But what about the smaller languages? Who will take care of them? Who will keep writing in them, reading in them, speaking in them?

You might say that the Estonian language is quite safe at the moment. It is the official language in Estonia, my home country. We get our education in Estonian. We study in Estonian at the university. We speak Estonian, we work in Estonian…

But of course there is this shift. English is used more and more. International companies here have English as their working language. Many restaurants have English names. I have even heard some parents say that they don’t care if their children don’t learn proper Estonian. That it’s of no use in the future anyway! I think it’s sad and mad.

And here I am, still writing in English… Maybe hoping that this is my way of letting the world know that there is such a language as Estonian. That there is a small country called Estonia where I live and which I love very much.

Anyway, that’s my decision at the moment and the good news is – it’s my blog and I can switch to Estonian any time I like!

I just want to keep writing and I want to keep my blog alive. Let’s see what it takes or where it takes me. I hope that you, dear reader, will join me on this journey. Thank you for being there for me!


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