Shopping windows… I mean: window shopping.

I love shopping and I hate shopping.

Basically: what’s not to like? Who doesn’t like to get new stuff? It’s the spending money part that I hate. And the overwhelming feeling that I’ve got too many things and no place to put them (deep down in my soul I am a minimalist who owns only one pair of jeans and sleeps on the floor…).

Over the course of years I have developed a perfect way of shopping: the window shopping. And I don’t only mean window displays.

I have told you about my long love for magazines and fashion. And that’s how it all started. I would look at the pictures of beautiful stuff and in the end I felt that I didn’t even want all those nice things. Looking at them was enough for me. I even got kind of tired and fed up.

That was years ago and I still do the same thing, especially before Christmas. I get all kinds of magazines (even catalogues!), I walk around in the city, look at the window displays and I do visit the shops of course… And that really does it for me. I have realized that I would never need or want all those things. I don’t have to buy them to be happy.

I guess a lot of you do the same on the internet: browsing through the online shops, admiring all the beauty out there… Somehow the online sites seem too overwhelming for me. I prefer the old fashioned window shopping.

So all I want to say is that maybe we should do more window shopping and less real shopping. We would save the money (and maybe the planet), get less stressed and more happy. They say that you eat with your eyes so probably we can also shop with our eyes.

What do you think? Is window shopping enough for you?

The following window displays of Tallinna Kaubamaja can be seen in Tallinn, Estonia.


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