The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 33.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

“So, I hear that espresso is your drink of choice…” Devon says handing me the coffee cup.
I almost think that I am dreaming. And I feel like I might fall off the bed from surprise… But the smell of the fresh espresso is real and my eyes are wide open.
I stare at the cup and raise my eyes. Devon looks dead serious. His eyes are calm and dear I say … even friendly? I don’t know what to say so I just look into his eyes.
“Take it, it’s not poisoned,” he puts the cup down on my desk.
Well, now that he’s saying that I am starting to wonder… maybe not poisoned but does he really mean this? Or am I paranoid already?
“It seems that you still don’t believe me. I don’t think I have anything to prove but I am telling you one last time that I have sent you no e-mail and I consider the style of the before mentioned e-mail incredibly ridiculous.”
I look down and sigh. I so want to believe this.
“But who did it then?” I persist.
“I am no detective but someone seems to have the motive. And I’d rather look for a woman than a man. I don’t think any guy in this office would use such a lame come on. Maybe you’ve stepped on someone’s toes in a professional sense but I’d rather believe it’s something personal. Are you dating someone’s ex maybe?”
“I’m concentrating on my career at the moment.”
“I see…” he smiles.
“Well, yeah… that’s not what I meant….” I feel stupid now. My career! As an assistant? God…
“I used to have a career. That’s what I meant.”
“That’s what I’ve heard, too.” Devon doesn’t even sound like he’s judging me. Am I warming up towards him too easily now?
“Just keep your eyes opened. If you really need to know who has got a problem with you. From what I saw today you can stand up for yourself. That’s a start.” Devon says that and leaves me wondering if I have his respect now.
Seems like the conversation is over from his side. Did he just say that he approves of my behavior in the coffee corner? Am I reading too much into this?
I try to shrug it all off and finish what I stayed here for.

Devon leaves in about half an hour. It’s 8 p.m. and I’m still in the office. What a day!
I wish I could share it with someone but I’m way too tired to go it all over again. I miss Diane, my only friend in the office. She happened to be on vacation this week. I have to talk to her when she’s back. I have to figure out whose toes I’ve stepped on. I have to solve this to move on.
Next week. I’ll do it next week…
The espresso in my cup is cold already. It looks like the remains of the day gone buy. Deep and dark but still full of promises…

To be continued next week.


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