The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 32.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

Plan for today: confront Devon.

I will not let him think that I am just a regular office chic with whom you can make random office jokes. I am not that girl!


I have not yet decided when or where I will talk to Devon. I have only promised myself that I would get over with it by the end of this day.

Not to mention that I have a hard time concentrating on my work today… I stare at numbers and words but all I can think of is how I have to keep it cool and be brave. Poor me? No, I’m alright, I can do this! Totally…


Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m heading to the coffee machine for my third espresso today. My heart is beating fast enough already but coffee seems to be the only thing helping me. (Is there anything at all that can’t be cured with a good cup of coffee? We’ll discuss that another time…)

Devon is standing in front of the coffee machine when I go for my third round.

“Non fat double soya latte with extra caramel for you?” Devon looks at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

What? He thinks he can make fun of me at this point?

“Is that what women should drink? Or assistants? Has it ever occurred to you that I might drink espresso? Or is that reserved for men only?” (When did this start to be a thing between men and women…?)

“You know, you have no right to make dirty jokes on my expense. I will not allow you to do this! I am your colleague and I demand that you treat me with respect!” I must sound really furious but at least I manage to say this out loud and clear.

Other colleagues are watching now. All eyes are on me. It only makes me feel more confident. I have to do this for the sake of all office women on earth! (Hmmm, again….)

“And if you pull any more tricks on me I will make sure that a non fat soya latte thing will end up in your face!” (Did I cross the line now? Mmmm… maybe. But I needed a strong closure here!)

I may have made my closure but the situation does not seem closed here.

And Devon is looking at me like he has no idea what’s going on. How dare he?! He seems to be out of words. Devon, the guy with an answer for everything!

Maybe I should give the other colleagues a hint about what’s going on…

“You cannot send an e-mail to me saying that I was walking around in your dreams! What kind of behavior is that?”

Our colleagues’ faces might lighten up a bit but Devon still stands there like he’s clueless of what’s going on.

“My e-mail to you? I have never sent you a personal e-mail!”

“Yes you have! And I can show it to anyone!” I shout.

“Please do so! But I swear I have not sent anything like that to you.”

Oh well… Deny, deny, deny… nice strategy from his side! He is just unbelievable! Smooth as ever!

I don’t know what else to say. Everyone else is silent, people try to leave unnoticed. The situation is clearly uncomfortable…

I make my way to the coffee machine and furiously press the espresso button.

Now what? Of course the machine needs the water tank filled now! Why can’t anything go right in my life!

For a second I feel like crying but fortunately manage to overcome the moment. Crying would be the worst now! My god…

I finally manage to get a cup of espresso and to make a stronger statement I take a double one. Not that anybody would notice that….

I make it back to my desk somehow. Fortunately I am still angry enough so I don’t realize the unpleasantness of the situation that much.

I decide to stay later as I have to do all the stuff I was not able to finish during the day. I am a professional, anyway.

Devon is staying late, too. I hate it. Why now, why today?


I must have been really concentrated as I don’t even notice that Devon is standing beside my desk…

To be continued….


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