Coffee corner / Kohvikoht · travel

Midweek joy: Coffee in a cave. / Kohvi koopas.

There is an amazing bar in Dubrovnik. It’s in a cave right by the sea. You can sit inside in a cool cave or outside right It’s by the sea.

Once the waves were so big that they wiped some chairs to the sea!

Amazing view! Just relax and listen to the waves. And watch the sun set….


Cave Bar More Dubrovnikus on imeline baar, mis asub koopas otse mere kaldal.

Suurepärane koht järjekordse päikeseloojangu imetlemiseks! Ükskord olid lained nii suured, et viisid merre ka mõned kohvikutoolid…

Kes laineid pelgab, saab istuda sees, kus on eriti mõnus muidugi palava ilmaga.


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