The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 31.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

When a girl doesn’t know what to do… what does she do? She talks to her friends!

You thought I didn’t have any? Well, yeah… it’s been a while since I last hung out with them. It’s just that I am a little bit of a loner. I like to be on my own, I don’t mind. To be alone with my thoughts... You know, that kind of thing.

Plus it’s much easier to talk to people when you’ve got a job! People always want to know what you’re up to and when I was unemployed I felt like I had to justify my being somehow.

Now it’s all clear to everyone: I have a job, that’s what I do. Like you’d be no one when you’re unemployed. Weird, right? It’s not that my friends are judging me but I just felt that I was not in the game when I was unemployed.

Well, it’s all in the past now.


We’re meeting in one of the newest places in town. This time it’s a trendy lounge. Just a while ago it was most fancy to go to a cafe that looked like you’re grandma’s place. Except that those places never really looked like any grandma’s home and I don’t know a grandparent that would serve that kind of food… Food without soul. It’s a shame when a cafe sells “Grandma’s pancakes” and they taste worse than those in a deli.

Anyway… This place is all about glamour. Even the name is glamorous: “Manhattan City Lounge”. Such a cliche! The person who owns it has obviously never been to Manhattan, though. And I have!

Cindy and Tanja – my friends (with supermodel names!) – are both in a good place with their lives. Cindy has ditched the city life and lives on a farm with her husband Owen. They  are working their asses off from dusk till dawn. They have three children (it seems to be very mainstream number of kids on a farm, it seems to me) and as far as I know they’re very happy.

Every once in a while Cindy pops to town and although she says that she doesn’t miss the city lights, she always chooses the most glamorous place for meeting. I think she does miss city life, even if just a little bit.

Tanja is a coder. Smart and shoveling money with her every new project. I wish I would have a thing for what she does but I actually hate computers. (Don’t tell anybody or I’ll be doomed!). She’s single but I’ve never really heard her complaining about it. I think she believes in meeting the right person at the right time.


“OK, so now you’re the one having the cool life,” Cindy sums up my office stories.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, at least your life is not boring. Things happen. It’s good when people talk about you. Better than being unnoticed.” She explains.

I’m not sure what she’s talking about. Is there something on her mind?

“I’ve never really wanted to be in the spotlight,” I hesitate.

“I think Cindy’s right,” Tanja seems very playful today. “You go for it, girl!”

“I don’t think you get it, guys. Devon is just trying to make a fool of me.”

“Then you’ll have to confront him. Tell him what you’re thinking!” Cindy has always been all about honesty.

“I wanna tell him that he is a self centered asshole,” I sulk.

“Then that’s what you’ll say,” Tanja looks at me like it’s all so obvious.

I hate simple solutions. The girls are giving me no drama. I wanted to discuss the stuff and hoped that we three would come up with some crazy ideas but now it’s fifteen minutes into our conversation and it looks like we’re all set. Except that I am not! I was looking for some fun in this situation but it still seems so damn serious.

“You don’t like this kind of solution?” Cindy looks into my eyes. “Are you afraid of him?”

Now the girl got me!

“Me, afraid? You’ve got to be kidding me! No way! I am not afraid of a man!”

“I’m the Espresso Woman!” I only add this to myself in my head…

But it’s true. I’m not afraid of a man. I will tell him what I think and I will not care about the office gossip about my past. Maybe better settle this once and for all. I’m gonna show them who they are dealing with!

That’s right! I’ll straighten this out right on Monday!

To be continued next Monday.





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