The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 29.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

Let me sum it up for you one more time.

There’s a whole story going around here in the office about me. That I had seduced a male colleague in my previous job. That I had ditched him. That he had been sent to work in the London office after that. Oh, and that it had ruined my high profile career and that’s why I am here now.
Last night I actually started to think about it… After I had calmed down a little I understood that there are two ways to handle this.

I could either let it all go it’s own way or I could play a part in it and do something…. Maybe even have a little fun along the way?

Maybe I should add my own juicy bits to the story? Make it go real wild and over the top. Would that make people understand that it’s mainly just a pointless office gossip?

I don’t know…. I’m not much of a player. I mean, I haven’t been so far. Maybe this time I could try? Or are my cards too bad to enter now?

Let me think about it while I’m having my morning espresso. Yes, yes, you heard me right – I’m drinking espresso again. The real, pure stuff. The black gold, the magic juice of the powerful ones. I will be like Harry Potter! Was this remark a little too childish? Hmmm… Oh well, I don’t care! I am the Espresso Woman! Strong and powerful… yep.



I’m in a good mood today. It’s Friday and I love Fridays. Everybody is in a better mood on Friday. People are nicer, friendlier, happy like children. And all due to a couple of free days.

I like to go to the office real early on Friday mornings. I love to do the old-fashioned newspaper routine. I get my espresso and paper and sit alone in the coffe corner of the office. It’s a lovely place with a huge table and a view over the city (we are on the 9th floor).

I enjoy this alone time in the office. It’s my little treat to myself. Little things make you the happiest…

The 3Ds (It’s my own little invention. My three superiors, the project managers, all have their name starting with a “D”. Diane, Devon and Darja. Unbelieveble, isn’t it?) all like to come to work at different times.

Darja always comes in very late and in a bad mood. I actually don’t understand why she’s so grumpy all the time. She doesn’t need the job for money, she barely does anything at work and as the wife of a rich and important businessman, people can’t (or don’t want) to say anything to her. Her job is safe and apperantly she wanted this job so maybe she’s just one of those people who are never happy.

Devon is usually at his desk by nine. He seems pretty organized and likes to have a certain routine at work so I undertsand that it’s important for him to start his day at the same time. He is always the same – charming but cold. He seems no different whether it’s Monday or Friday.

Diane is my sunshine. She is open and friendly. She’s basically always in a good mood and even if she isn’t she acts gracefully. Diane knows how to handle her bad moods and it never has unpleasant effect on me. Or anyone else. She’s OK even when she has had a bad day. She likes to come to work a bit later but sometimes she comes very early and we can have a little chat time on our own. I love that!


For some reason Devon comes to work really early this Friday. And he ruins my alone time. I hate this.

He seems in a hurry and gives me a task to do not even asking if I have the time. I do have three project managers and there’s only one of me assisting them! And it’s Friday!

I wonder if Devon knows my story. Has he heard the gossip? Does he care? Doesn’t really matter but for some reason I think that I might play a trick on him. Just for fun. I don’t yet know what it will be but I’d like to test him. To see if he is human or alien… And if he ever shows what he really thinks or feels.

So, what do you think? Is it a bad idea? What trick should I play on him?

We’ll see about that pretty soon…. 😉
To be continued next Monday.


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