The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 28.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

So, I promised to tell you some hot office gossip.

But guess what? Turns out, I am the office gossip now! Didn’t see that coming…

Someone in the office has knowledge about my past. Well, the world is small, so, no wonder. It’s not like I have something to hide!

But as you know, the thing with gossip is that the story starts from a piece of information that might or might not be true. And after that the story starts to grow. Everyone remembers it differently when it’s passed on and of course people just love to add their own bits and pieces to the story!

So this is what I have heard about “my story“.

I have had a hot office romance in my previous company. (True, but there was nothing hot in the public! So how would they know how hot it was?)

I was the one who seduced the co-worker. I was the one who started it. (Not true!)

I had dumped him while we were still working together (Not true!) and the poor guy was sent away to work in the London office. (Not true! He snapped away MY job!)

Basically I am the irresponsible office bitch who eats men for dinner (I’d rather have them for breakfast…) and never thinks about the consequences! (Do I even need to tell you that it is not true!)

I heard it all from one of my project managers – Diana, the nice and cool one. She had heard it from somebody else and was made to swear that she wouldn’t tell me.

Fortunately Diana thought that I should be warned. She didn’t disclose the source, though.

And here I am, furious! The thing with office gossip is that there’s no way you can defend yourself.

I cannot call a meeting and present a PowerPoint saying : See, this is how it actually was.

Publicly everyone is nice to me. But Diana said that basically everybody in the office knew a version of the story.

Oh well, how many different versions are there?

And what makes me extra mad : No matter what happened, why am I the  bad guy?

If I was a man I’d be cool in everybody’s eye. They would clap their hands and cheer me! I’d be the unofficial boss of the office. Male colleagues would ask me for lessons in seducing women. And all women would want me, of course! I’d be a hit!

But now, due to the mere fact that I am a woman, nobody quite likes me. Women hate me and men are afraid of me.

So unfair! I’m fuming here at my desk!

“How is that PowerPoint coming?” It’s Devon, the smooth immaculate project manager.

He looks at me like he has no idea who I am. I might just be a machine popping out PowerPoints. That’s what he’d like me to be….

Am I back to hating men? I mean, I could hate women but how would that help?

To be continued next Monday.


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