The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 27.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

So, the life of a working woman. What is that like for me?

I bet you don’t want to know my job description. You want to know the dirty office gossip. You want to know the boss’s bad habits and who is the office hottie! Am I right? I knew it!

OK, first of all, forget about my “man ban“. As it was self-imposed anyway I will also be the one to cancel it. What would the world be without the (opposite) sex, relationships and flirt (read office flirt)? It would be no place we wanna live in (on?)!

But let me start from the beginning.

Like I said before I work for three project managers. I am at their disposal so to say. An assistant. It sounds like the end of the food chain…. Or I might consider myself the right hand man. The one who is close to everything happening and who is actually making things happen. Who secretly pulls the strings. The neck that turns the head. You get it? (How dare I doubt my readers’ intelligence!?)

Two of the project managers are women and one is…. A man. Smile!

I always prefer working with men. They are easier to handle. Although even nowadays some of them are really male chauvinists. Especially when they are the bosses. Sometimes I feel that quite a few men still think that women should not be allowed to vote. Or have an opinion. Or speak…..

Well. I did not mean to skip the women and go directly to the male project manager! Let’s see…

One of the woman project managers is really cool. She’s like this best friend everyone would love to have or like a sister. She is a bit younger than me but we totally click. She is bright, brave, beautiful and everyone basically respects her. She’s a dream! A true girl crush!

The other woman project manager is ageless. I mean, she could be any age. I don’t know what her strengths are. She is not very intelligent and doesn’t see further from her own nose. She is not really mean but very ignorant. I hear that her husband is an important and powerful man with a lot of connections and that’s why she is here. She can bring those connections to us. At least the company is hoping it. I’m not sure if she actually has been of any use yet in that matter.

And now, let’s bring in the big guns! The male project manager, my ladies and gentlemen!!

So, what are we looking at. A guy in his prime. Yes, I dare say that 30+ is a prime even for a man.

He is good looking. I mean, seriously good looking. Not hot and I will explain later, why not. I guess he is smart. Not a genius in my book. Ambitious. Quite friendly but it seems to me he does so  to be successful. I don’t think he actually cares about other people.

He’s too much into himself. And that’s why he is not hot in my opinion. A man being vain and into his own looks is a complete turn off. I like more human men. The ones who take themselves less seriously and even if they look gorgeous they have to behave like they have no idea of it. That’s what I like and unless you are  male chauvinist you entitle me to have an opinion. Right? Right!

So the guy’s charms are quite wasted on me. Not that I am totally immune when he looks directly into my eyes. I’ve always been a sucker for a nice set of eyes. You know me! And I don’t understand why god would waste such dolly eyelashes on a man! When he blinks them the papers fall off the table due to the gust of air they create! No kidding!

Other than that he is a basic hottie in the contemporary sense. Well built, athletic, elegant with a modern touch. Too perfect. Almost boring. I wish I will find myself wrong some day because he could be my cup of tea if he had better personality.

Now you have the basic elements of the equation in place and I will continue with the best office gossip next week!

To be continued next Monday.



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