The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 26.

The Espresso Woman. Drawing by LH.

By myself. Alone. Hmmm….

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. You get that, right? And I do not feel lonely. I’m even surprised myself.

The summer is over, my boyfriends (well, both exes by now) have “flown to the South”… (Well, one of them lives in London and the other downstairs, so I don’t know how “South” that is… But you get the idea: the fall, birds flying to the South….) Haven’t heard from them since they stood in my doorway. Nothing. Better close that chapter in my life, huh?

I still have no job. Unemployed. That sounds like I don’t do anything and sit around all day, but you know how busy I have been. With my personal life. But still.

And yet I feel good. I hate a mess in my life and that’s what I had. But now…. now I’m gonna be all new me. The true Espresso Woman I wanted to be. Is that a promise? Sounds like one to me!

OK, easier said than done. Where do I even start?

It’s a Monday morning. A beautiful September morning with all the fuss that has been created by kids going back to school. If it wasn’t for that, everything else still reminds me of summer. The sun is still warm and if you close your eyes you could imagine that it’s still May and it is all yet to begin.

But isn’t September even better for new beginnings? With school starting, shouldn’t I also learn something new? A new way of living? Start yoga, drink kale juice, go to Africa to teach kids? Too mainstream for me.

I happen to be from another kind. A black coffee/espresso kind of woman. Yeah? If I do something new it better be special.

So what did I do?

I got myself a job. Yep, I did. An office job.

The special part is yet to come! Some day…. I hope.

I mean, I needed the money, come on! I don’t have anybody to rely on! I was happy that my London ex forgot a package of butterscotch biscuits on my kitchen table. Otherwise I’d only have coffee for this morning. No kidding.

I never thought it would get so bad. So the job offer came at the last possible moment and I will concentrate on that right now.

How did I get the job? Well, I applied for one, got an invitation to the inerview, said that I know nothing about the company and I’m not really qualified for these kind of tasks…. and they offered me the position.

It’s a huge step back from my last position but I was running out of time. I’m an assistant to three different project managers at an advertising agency. At their disposal at any time. Like a runner boy. No, it’s not that bad, just kidding. But it keeps me on my toes. I do get to run around quite a bit. Gonna lose some weight maybe….

So at the moment I’m living on office candy and espresso. I will barely make rent this month, fingers crossed. Other than that – life is great! I kind of always wanted to conquer some hardships.

I do have some special pieces of clothing saved which I am hoping to keep. My pension fund. If worse comes to worst I’ll have to sell that favourite Karl Lagerfeld jacket or maybe even the Yves Saint Laurent one…. I hope to keep my Burberry trench. Oh, the good old days!

Anyway. Back to work.

On my first day at work I already started to scan the room – for cute guys! Old habits die hard… Have I not learned anything yet?

Promised myself: do not befriend with any male colleagues. Note taken.

Maybe I should get a pet to distract myself from men? And how would that help? It might help if I took the pet to work with me…. Otherwise…. Not very much.

One of the project managers (kind of my boss then) is totally cute, though… I just thought you’d like to know! Don’t worry, he’s even younger than me, I wouldn’t dare. Hopefully…..

To be continued next Monday.




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