The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 24.

Uhh… How have you been?

Me? I was sick, remember? Khmm. Sick of fear ’cause I didn’t know what to do with my two boyfriends.

I managed to realize the first half of my plan. I successfully sent my ex (Let’s just still call him that, right? Until we know for sure what’s happening.) out to get me a fresh newspaper.

I know, I know, I’m that old fashioned and I really do love to read a paper. Something I can hold in my hands. I even like to take a pen and mark something that I like.

Plus it comes really handy when you don’t want the other person to see your face. You just lift the paper and keep it in front of your face like you’re really reading something. You can even pretend not to hear! Excellent!

So, the very moment my ex got out of the door I wanted to call the downstairs guy. But guess what – he was already ringing my doorbell!

Oh my god – I can’t let him in!  But I cannot just ignore the doorbell again. I have to do something about it, eventually.

Think woman, think!

OK, I will open the damn door. I’ll face him and tell him that I’m sick. And that it’s contagious. Right…

I’m opening the door even as we speak. Hold your breath, ’cause I actually have no idea how I’m gonna handle this….

I open the door, see his lovely face and then – my mobile starts ringing! I’m telling you the truth. God bless the mobile phones! Saved by the bell I will be!

“I’m so sorry, I have to take this. I’ll talk to you later, OK?” And I practically slam the door in his face.

Oh well, that ought to do it. After all this I doubt that he’ll ever talk to me again.

Hey, but the call! Turnd out that it was important – I am invited to a job interview!

I bet you were wondering if I ever go to work again. You weren’t? Oh, come on! I need the money! I had to sell that gorgeous Lanvin dress to make ends meet. The most awesome dress I’ve ever had and I couldn’t even keep it! Life is not fair. You understand what it means to part with a beloved piece of clothing, don’t you?

Anyway. Thrilled by a possible job I almost forgot what was going on. I know, I know – you think that I’m a real airhead. But I’m not! You have to believe in me!

And right when I thought that I have got the things under any kind of control, the door opens…

And my two guys – the ex and the downstairs guy – are both standing there.

Oops! ….

To be continued next Monday.


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