The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 21.

OMG! Oh my god, oh my god…. What will I do now?

Why didn’t I take care of this at the right time! I should have told my London boyfriend that we’re over. I should have, could have… What was I thinking? And now he’s in my apartment upstairs while I’m downstairs with, khmmm…., my neighbor guy!

I glance at my neighbor but he hasn’t probably heard the steps upstairs or he just hasn’t paid attention to it. Have I told him that I haven’t told my ex to get out of my life? No….

Should I tell him now? Oh my god, oh my god… How did I get here? I mean, I know how I got downstairs. I just took a few steps, rang his doorbell and voila! I mean, how did I mess this up now? It’s not like me (although, when I think about it now, maybe it is me…)

I decide (and don’t judge me now) to go upstairs and handle the situation there while not telling my present companion a thing. He doesn’t have to know at this moment!

“Mmm, you know, I think I left the iron plugged in at home…” I say.

Iron! Why didn’t I say the stove? Or hair straightener….

“Yeah? You’re sure?” He sounds more sleepy than surprised. Maybe it’ll be easier than I thought…

“I don’t know, but I guess I should check.”

“OK, so…, will you be back?” He seems to be hoping I will.

“Um, it’s so late… I guess….”

Puppy eyes.

I hate it! What is the thing with me and guys? I fall in love with their puppy eyes (and man’s bodies) and then they do the stupid puppy things and I will start to hate those same puppy eyes!

Get a grip, woman! If you want a puppy, get a dog! If you want a man, then…. Well, I don’t know where you can get a man these days. A man, I mean, a real man. The one who makes decisions and sticks to them and can lift heavy things and opens doors for you and is honest and kind and drives a motorbike and wears a white t-shirt with blue jeans (I know life is not a 90s Levi’s ad, but you know….)

Where was I?

OK, go home, talk to the ex, tell him…. What will I tell him? Oh, what will I tell my downstairs neighbor now?

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Big smile. Cute smile, I hope.

He pours himself a beer from the fridge and smiles. That smile….!

OK, go, go!


I take a deep breath behind my own door. Thank god I had grabbed my coat when I left, now it should look believable that I have come from outside the building.

“Hey!” I act as surprised as can be.

“Hey…” He is surprised. He’s sitting on the sofa drinking beer. And here I am, with one guy drinking beer downstairs and the other one drinking beer here, upstairs, in my home.

“I just went to the movies…”

“At 3 a.m.?”


“Never mind. I’m so glad to see you! You didn’t answer my e-mail so I thought it would be OK if I come.”

“E-mail? I don’t think I got it.” I really didn’t.

“Oh well. Anyway. I just… I gave it a lot of thought and I don’t know if this is the best moment but I do not want to wait any more. I….”

He pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee!! I swear, he does! I should have seen it coming!

Oh my god, oh my god… What will I do now??

To be continued next Monday.


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