The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 16.

London, baby! Here I come!

The time of truth has come. I’m flying to London today and I’m ready as can be to sort out things with my boyfriend.


Oh, how I adore airports. At least some of them. If you haven’t been to the Tallinn Airport then I suggest you visit it some time soon. It’s small and cosy. They even have a libarary there!

I go to the airport quite early to be able to enjoy my pre-flight coffee. I always feel so important at the airport. You’re off to somewhere so you must be important, right? It means that you have things to do, places to go, people to meet… Busy, busy, busy.

At the library I pick up a book about women in business. I wonder who has left it here. A successful businesswoman? Not likely. A successful businesswoman does not read such books. These books are read by the wannabes. And at the same time businesswoman go on with their business…

OK, where was I…

The flight to London. It’s OK. I manage to drink too much coffee which is pretty normal for me. I almost fall asleep but actually never do. Also very normal for me. I want wine but do not order it as it seems too expensive and pointless. Again – so me.

In London it turns out that my luggage is missing. My dress! My perfect lady in red party dress for the big event I came for!!! Are you serious?

They are serious at the airport and couldn’t care less about my personal life…


My boyfriend is meeting me at the airport. He is cute as ever but so nervous.

I try to be cool as a cucumber ’cause I have promised myself that I will take it all step by step. I pour my emotions into the dress story and he seems to care. He says that maybe Diane (the co-worker who lives with him) has got something I could borrow.

Bloody men! They never understand a thing! A special dress is not something you can find in a random woman’s wardrobe. But of course he doesn’t know that.

“You do seem quite the same size and she dresses well,” he says.


“How do you know her size? Have you seen her naked? And how can you tell me that she dresses well?”

I do not say this out loud. Instead I smile and say: “We’ll see.”


So I’m at his place in London for the first time.

The flat looks nice. Two bedrooms, the living room is cosy. Everything is clean and tidy and looks like a woman lived here. Homey. And a woman does live here. Diane.

Actually she seems to be all over the place. There are womanly things everywhere. Teacups with roses. Fresh flowers in the vase (or did my boyfriend buy these for me? No, he didn’t. I asked him about it.). Fruit bowl – a thing my boyfriend would never have.

I have just scanned the flat when Diane arrives. She is unusually friendly with me and she looks nervous! I have never seen her nervous!

They exchange looks with my boyfriend and I really feel that there’s something they know and I don’t.

But then my boyfriend asks Diane about the dress and she happily leads me to her wardrobe despite of my protest. Me and Diane’s wardrobe! Who would have thought!

I’m a little pissed about the whole situation so I have a quick glance at her wardrobe and declare that I don’t think her dresses would fit me. I simply do not want her dress!

To my surprise she doesn’t act offended and to my even bigger surprise my boyfriend says that he will just take me shopping right now.

“Come on, we’ll find you a dress! Diane can come with us and she’ll help you choose!”


Why would I spend my precious time in London with Diane? I want to be alone with my boyfriend!

“I think you two should go,” Diane smiles.

Hmmm… Thanks then.


We do find the dress. It’s not red. It’s green. I can’t believe that I’d go for a green Lanvin dress but I just feel like it and it fits perfect. And I also get a pair of golden heels that match the dress.

It’s all a present from my boyfriend and I allow him to buy me this present. I didn’t know that he does know about the boutiques here! It turns out that Diane is a regular here…

But I’m in a good mood and ready for the party. Who would not be ready in a Lanvin dress?


The party is fabulous. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s the beautiful dress and flowing drinks but I feel gorgeous and the people are nice. Not boring. They are fun!

My boyfriend introduces me to everybody and I have a great time. He seems to be excited to be with me and we dance and talk and dance….


After the party he suddenly seems very tired. Like he has been on stage the whole night and now he has stepped off and out of his role. It’s like he has inflated like a big pink balloon. (Why pink? I have no idea. That’s the first color that popped my mind when I thought about balloons.)

We take a walk along the Thames and he holds my hand.

“You should come to London. You should live here, with me.”


“Yes. I miss you a lot. Stay here.”

“And what would I do here? Lay concrete? That sounds promising.”

It’s a little line I borrowed from Samantha in Sex and the City part 2. My boyfriend hasn’t seen it and doesn’t get the joke…

“There are a lot of other things you could do here. We’ll figure something out.”

“And I would live together with you and Diane?”

“No….. Diane is moving out. She has a girlfriend who stays with us at the moment. They want to get their own place now. Diane is gay.”

To be continued next Monday.





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