The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 15.

Did I say that spending time with my cute downstairs neighbor guy made me come to my senses? That I got it all figured out now? That I know what to do? Did I?

I may as well have….

So I made a promise to you. I made a promise to grow up and be a woman. A true style Espresso Woman. Which I actually am!

So, first things first.

If you are unemployed and you have a party to go to in London then your priority is….

The party, of course. We have a saying here: “A job is not a rabbit“. True that! A job is not a rabbit and it will not run away. And I don’t even have a job so how can it run away, right? See, women ARE logical.


A girl who needs a dress for a party. Where would that girl go? Note: girl has very few money.

Hmmm. I just read an old VOGUE from year 2009 or something like that. The time of the economic recession and credit crunch.

The times when even VOGUE talked about shopping smartly and spending less and being creative. They featured a series about dresses made from rubber gloves, paper napkins, plastic bags…

Could I make a dress out of rubbish and pull it off? No, no, no… I can only imagine my boyfriend’s face when he sees me in an outfit made entirely of yellow rubber gloves. They say that men never notice what you put on but I’m sure he’d notice THAT!

Or maybe not? Maybe I should test him…

Oh well, who am I kidding.


I’m heading for the boutiques of the city. I know that somewhere in the back of the shop they have the up to 70% off rail. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that I find something there.

After four hours of shopping I have found my “lady in red” fabulous dress. I cannot imagine why it was on sale and why nobody had wanted it. Maybe because it looked desperate on a hanger but when I tried it on – WOW!

I’m very pleased, very tired, very happy.

Must have lost the last extra pounds out there. I hope…

So now I only have one week ’till I board the flight, see my boyfriend and his colleague roommate man eater woman. I am prepared to figure out what the hell is going on there.

What about my dream job? Me finding any job? Hmm…. I kind of have a plan there, too. Just wait and see.

To be continued next Monday.



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