The fiction story

The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 14.

OK, so I left you off at the moment when I was mad at my boyfriend and I spotted my downstairs neighbour in a cafe.

So I go straight to the table where my neighbour guy is sitting. And he has a companion – a dog! It’s always easy to start a conversation when there’s a pet involved.



“You have a lovely dog!”

“Yeah, well, actually he’s my friend’s dog. I kept him for a few days and now I’m meeting him here to return him.”

“Oh…” So much about the conversation.

“But he’ll be here in a few minutes and then I’m free. We can have a coffee together. You have just arrived, right?”

Now you’re talking! That’s much better!


I can’t help myself and pour out my heart. About my boyfriend in London and his live-in colleague and my doubts and all that crap…

He only smiles.

“Oh, that’s just how things are sometimes,” he says. “Tomorrow will be another day.”

That’s one way to put it….

His words don’t comfort me much but I don’t really care. It’s nice to be in his company. He seems so very relaxed and natural.

I notice that he has very deep eyes. I can’t even look directly into his eyes. I’m afraid I might drown in them…

One thing leads to another. We have coffee and then wine and then we go home together. We laugh on the way back and he casually touches my hand.

We reach our building.

And he says: “It was really nice talking to you.” A pause.

He opens the door of his apartement and adds: “Good night!”

The door closes.

I stand ther and I feel confused. Did I expect something more? Am I into him? I stand there for a few seconds and start taking the stairs to my place.

Suddenly his door opens and I hear him saying: “Unless you want to come in for a coffee. Although I don’t have any…”

That’s more like it.

“Come upstairs, I have coffee!” I suggest.

And up he comes.


After more coffee and talking I have to send him home.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you expected something more. I just can’t do it. It’s not me.

Suddenly I feel that I have to be a grown-up. After the third coffee I realize that I haven’t taken my life into my own hands.

I will talk to my boyfriend. I will ask him directly about all the things bugging me. I will go to London, to that party with him. I will look fabulous and I will enjoy it.  I will kick that colleague’s ass.

And I’ll do something about the job situation. I’ve been acting ridiculous. I’ve been trying to be something I’m not.

It all hits me so suddenly and I suspect that my downstairs neighbour might not understand me at all. But it doesn’t matter. Absolutely not. Now it will be about me.

But I’m so grateful to him for his thoughts. Tomorrow will be another day. A brand new day. How did I not notice that myself!

The espresso woman in me has woken up. God bless cute downstairs neighbour guys!

To be continued next Monday.



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