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The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 11.

You’re probably wondering what happened to my job hunt. Aren’t you? I mean, I’m unemployed with no source of income. You should be a little bit worried about me, right?

Well, I am a big bit worried. This morning I woke up and it all hit me. No job, a man eater in my boyfriend’s apartement in London. No perspective in life whatsoever.

But you know what?  My whole life I have had plan A, B and C. And what actually has happened would always be plan D. The plan I never had in my wildest dreams.

So I will wait for a miracle. I will believe in good things to happen, I will go with the flow, I will think my life good (and myself thin).

By the way, I have not lost those pounds I need to lose. It’s like the harder I try (going to the gym once a week (well, biweekly…) eating chocolate for breakfast…  Don’t tell me I haven’t tried!) the less it works. Nobody tells you that you’ll have  a wolf’s appetite after an hour in the gym! They never tell you that.

Again, I will just wait until those pounds go away themselves.

And right now I will get myself a job. I’m going to a second job interview in a company and I’m gonna nail it this time. I mean, who would not want to hire me? I’m smart, beautiful and totally cool.


I grab a coffee on my way there because I’m in a really good mood. It’s sunny with a warm breeze. My long golden hair (It does look golden, I swear. I am a beauty, told ya!) is flowing in the wind, I am wearing my favourite white silk and cotton blouse which feels luxurious against my skin…

I take the first sip of coffee and I spill it all over my favourite white silk and cotton luxurious blouse! La catastrpohe!

The damned cute barrista didn’t close the top of my paper cup and now I’m soaked in brown liquid.

What will I do?? For a second I don’t even know if I’m more worried about the job interview or my favourite blouse.

I decide to do the only thing I can do. I drop into the cafe across the street, go straight to the bathroom, take off my top and wash it. And then I put it back on.

I figure that it’s such a good weather (warm and windy) that my blouse will air dry in a few minutes (because it’s a silk and cotton mix material which is very thin. See – I’ve always said that material is the most important thing about clothing!).

I put on my sunglasses and red lipstick to draw attention away from my wet blouse. Yeah, I didn’t know that I’m gonna put on a wet t-shirt show in the middle of the city today.

People do stare but maybe it’s my red lipstick, right? I just hope that I will not bump into someone I know…

To be continued next Monday.



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