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Every Monday: The Diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 10.

Just as I thought that everything is getting better, that my life is getting back on track, that I have regained my inner confidence… I get news from my boyfriend in London.

He has moved in with someone! Not in a romantic sense, but there is a woman living in the same apartment with him. It’s our ex-colleague who now also works in London.

I do know the woman. She’s a nightmare. She’s the kind of woman whom no other woman wants at any party or any other place whatsoever…

Because all the men are drawn to her like the moths to the flame. Wives are scared to lose their husbands to her and girlfriends can’t relax as they have to keep checking on their boyfriends to see that they haven’t yet married her.

Yep, even men who have never wanted to get married before will want to pull out a ring after having been in her company for half an hour.

She’s charismatic. It’s not the same as beautiful. It’s much worse.

And that kind of woman is moving in with my boyfriend. I’m doomed. It doesn’t matter that she is five years his senior. Men ten years younger than she have fallen so I could just…. Well, there’s pretty much nothing I can do now.

I never understood why men fall in love with the meanest girl in the class and when she breaks their heart men start hating womenkind. It’s not my fault that you chose the only woman without a heart! You didn’t come to the cooking class to see who bakes the fluffiest cake. You didn’t care that she was tramping all over you from the very beginning. You loved that! Until she broke your heart and went on to tramp on somebody else’s. And then men say that all women are mean. Go figure.

I don’t even know if I’m desperate or defeated already. I’ve never been the kind of woman who fights for a man. Maybe it’s because my Mom taught me that women should have dignity and pride. You should be proud enough to not run after a man. I totally agree. Men should fight over women not the other way round. Yes, I know I’m old fashioned. I don’t care. I’m waiting for my knight on a white horse (OK, on a red motorbike he may arrive).

I do trust my boyfriend (OK, I don’t) but that woman is bad news! It’s like she’s a hunter and she has to hunt down every man and then dump him. Yes, she’s been married twice and as far as I know she has dumped all the men that have ever went out with her. She gets them and then she will move on.

And now I will have to meet her in my boyfriend’s apartment. I have to get used to the idea that she is living there every day and I am miles and miles away in another country!

OK, I guess I’ve said enough about the situation facing me. I don’t care what you have to say. Wait… actually, do you have any ideas? What should I do? Don’t tell me I just have to let things go and wait and see. Any other ideas? Anything creative? Proactive (terrible word!)? Please, please, let me know!

Forever yours,

The Espresso Woman

(Drinking a huge strong coffee right now. Black. ’cause nobody has bought milk.)


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