The fiction story

NEW: Every Monday. The diary of the Espresso woman. Part 3.

I must have really long legs…. Most normal skirts look minis on me. And you know how you walk on a narrow sidewalk and someone’s walking in front of you. And this someone seems to be stepping real fast but I have to slow down more and more as there’s no room to get past her. It can only mean one thing – my steps most be longer than her’s and that means that my legs are longer. Which is what we were trying to prove here.

Hold on… I promised to tell you what I would be up to today. I said I would have some important stuff to do.

So, after the cafe burned down… No, it did not burn down, there was only a false fire alarm. See – this is what happens when I don’t get my morning coffee in time. Anyway, after I had to leave my favourite cafe this morning I had to find a new place to get my daily dose of “black gold” ( I’m aware of the fact that coffee does not mean black gold for anyone else but me).

I live almost in the centre of the city but whenever I’m looking for a nice place to sit down and have a cappuccino it seems just impossible to find. I must be too picky. A picky woman with really long legs. OK, you’ve heard enough of that already. It’s not that I look like a lollipop.

My new target seems to be emerging from the ground. It’s on the street where I have walked for a thousand times. And there never was a cafe. Until today. I see a sign and a pillarbox red door. I have a thing for red so I must enter.

Ahh, the moment when you get the first coffee of the day! Bliss. I normally have a latte or cappuccino but I’ve been thinking of transferring to espresso lately. The stuff of the strong. Men drink it black. Leaders drink it black. Maybe strong confident women (like me) should have it black, too. Black and strong. Long and picky. Boy, I’m on fire today! (Me, not the cafe. Right….)

I still have three hours to spare until I go to a job interview. Yes, that’s the important thing I wanted to tell you. Doesn’t seem important enough? Hold on, I haven’t told you the whole story yet.

I had to quit my last job. ’cause I had an affair with the boss. There. Of course it wasn’t so much of a boss as a coworker. The head of another department. This should soften things up. He was cute as hell and it wasn’t my fault at all. I wouldn’t actually call it an affair as that sounds kind of lame. It was a romantic relationship. We were even making plans together. About the future of the company… But still. That counts as a plan, I’d say.

So it was getting out of hands. I felt really uncomfortable at work. He didn’t. Of course he didn’t, he’s a man. That’s what men do – they have affairs (relationships) with coworkers. Nobody knew about us, I guess. But I still decided to leave the company. And I did. I gave in my month’s notice but they said that why wait… I was free the next day. I was unemployed.

But there was also a “cherry” on top of the cake. There always is. He got offered a promotion to another branch. In another country. And he did move. He didn’t ask me to go with her but maybe that’s fair as I left my job without telling him. No, it’s not fair, that’s totally not the same thing.

I assure you there’s no reason to worry about me. I told you – I’m a strong confident woman. I’ll be fine. I am fine. Especially as I’ve got my favourite drink in front of me. My black gold. And today it is black – I switched to espresso after all.

To be continued.


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