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NEW: Every Monday now. The diary of the Espresso Woman. Part 2.

This morning the fire alarm went off at the cafe. The security asked everyone to leave.

“But I haven’t yet finished my cappuccino,” one man protested. Tell that to the fire, man…

I had also just got my hot porridge with butter and jam. Most people take it with one or another but I want both in it. I actually only eat a tiny part of the whole plateful of porridge – the middle one where the jam and butter is. Sometimes I think I should just get jam and melted butter without the porridge – I wouldn’t mind…

Anyway, we all had to leave and so I find myself in the street hungry and grumpy. It might have been a false alarm but still I get as far from the building as possible. In case the whole thing just blows up… You can never be too careful these days. No joke there.

All the regulars were there, too, today. Sometimes I wonder: what if we had an emergency in the cafe…. Let’s say we got trapped there or something. Our regular bunch only – me, the old woman, the older man and the young guy with a kind of ponytail. What would happen?

Obviously we would have to choose the leader, right? That’s very important in the emergency situations – have a strong leader. Of course it would have to be me. I mean, you should see the others. No offence, but I would have to take care of them…

The old lady… she is a bit off. Seriously. One day she was complaining about her heavy shopping bag. She muttered that she had bought a cabbage and ten pig legs (they do sell these right here in the supermarket) and she explained to somebody that she never eats meat… Yeah, she will need help in an emergency situation.

Where was I… The older man. He seems alright. I assume he’s a retired artist of some kind. He might be smarter than he looks, but he’s not a leader type. We can use him when something heavy needs to be lifted.

The young guy. He’s skinny so he’d probably not be able to lift anything heavy. I’ve actually never seen his face as I haven’t noticed him coming in. I’ve always only seen him sitting in his usual spot his back towards me. But I don’t think he’s too brilliant. Definitely not a leader. I’m sure he does have specific knowledge of some kind (Star Wars? Call of Duty?) – he’ll be my right hand man.

See, that’s why I should be the leader of this group – I’ve already got it all figured out. So if the emergency hits I will be prepared.

But now I have to head somewhere else to get my coffee this morning. I do have a very busy day ahead of me. But we’ll talk about that the next time.

To be continued.





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